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Real Avid produces innovative solutions to real word challenges faced by hunters and shooters everywhere. Simple practical compact lightweight and efficient gear for the Real Avid outdoorsman.
The Bore Boss is the 'single pass' pull through bore cleaner that you've always wished you had! It has a long 32" dual action cable that includes a phosphor bronze bore brush to rip thru carbon and fouling, followed by a 8.5" long thick braided mop to remove it. The Flex-Case is an ergonomically engineered handle that makes pulling the tight fitting bore cleaner much easier and stores the components when it's not in use. The Flex-Case protects the bore cleaner from dirt and debris while keeping the rest of your gear safe from solvents and oils. So you can take the Bore Boss with you anywhere your adventures take you. Take care of your guns and they'll take care of you. Make sure you have a Bore Boss from Real Avid!

Specifications and Features:
Real Avid Bore Boss AVBB270
Pull Through Bore Cleaner
7mm, .270 and .280 Caliber
8.5" Long Braided Mop
32" Dual Action Cable with Bronze Bore Brush
Flex-Case Ergonomic Handle and Storage
3.25" Diameter, 1" Thick

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